About the Brand ScacciaRischi

The ScacciaRischi is an educational brand of P.M. Studios, born in 2018 from the collaboration with the national institution INAIL and the Regione puglia, created to deal with the theme of risks at home, school and work in a simple and fun way. It is the first time in Italy that an important institution like INAIL has decided to use a video game for educational purposes. The "Olympics of Prevention", based on video games, which have been taking place in Puglia every year since 2018 are a success that has amused thousands of Apulian teachers and students. Based on the successful experience of the Ecowarriors (, the brand "ScacciaRischi" has created a new team of heroes who, piloting the fantastic "Safebots", will fight relentlessly against the evil "Dangerbots" teaching in simple and direct way how to identify, prevent or manage risks and dangers at home, at school and at work.


04 October 2018