Techno-Fantasy novel - Etrom the Astral Essence

Techno-Fantasy novel - Etrom the Astral Essence

COMPLETE CYCLE (277 pages) - FANTASCIENZA - The complete novel of the Etrom saga in «extended edition». The online techno-fantasy bestseller saga derived from an international video game Etrom, a former sacred assassin, has suffered the recall of the astral essence and discovered that the abyss is more powerful than ever, between the megacity walls of the United Nations Sacred Republic of Sighundia. Bounding between asteroid, dreamy, neural worlds and networks, Etrom has encountered mysterious creatures, people and civilizations, experiencing past, present, and future moments of a confused humanity projected into the darkness. In a single volume the entire Etrom saga, in extended version. A unique and immersive experience in a twisted, dark and desperate world, where the only light, perhaps, is that of hell ... Fabio Belsanti, 1975, is Lead Designer and Game Writer of P.M. Studios and Age of Games. In 1999 he graduated with praise at the University of Siena in History, with medieval address and economic-military specialization. Historically he has written various articles and reviews for specialist journals. Since 2001, he has been involved in the management, design, subjects and scripts of the many projects developed by the aforementioned companies.

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Etrom Romanzo


06 November 2017